How karaoke solves everything. Literally, everything.

mj oscarFriday was a bit of an odd day for me. Not only was it the last day of my internship at, but Michael Jackson died rather suddenly. And it really, really upset me. Much more than I thought it would actually.

Normally I don’t cry over the deaths of people I’ve never met, but Michael Jackson’s was different. Even though my generation missed his Bad/Thriller peak (I was born in the late 80s), we all knew his music, could attempt the moonwalk and recognised Thriller as one of the greatest music videos ever made.

Weeping whilst brushing your teeth isn’t the best way to start the day, and for all of the above reasons I was pretty mopey (my blog, my neologisms) on Friday afternoon and in desperate need of giggles – the after-party for the moonwalk flash-mob at Lucky Voice sounded perfect.

I went along with Sian (I nearly never went at all because of stupid shyness – but that’s another blog post) and politely declined the offer of karaoke.

One hour and two mojitos later, I was grabbing the microphone to warble ‘My Girl’ whilst wearing a sparkly pink cowboy hat. Stu’s rendition of ‘Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough’ made me laugh so much I nearly vommed and we surprised ourselves by knowing the words to classic choon ‘Buffalo Stance’ (“Gigolo, huh, SUCKER”).

A couple of days ago I was close to tears when ‘Man In The Mirror’ came on the radio, but halfway through it I remembered singing that track on Friday and I started giggling instead.

Thankfully Unfortunately there’s no evidence of Friday night (other than the pink sparkles from the cowboy hat that glued themselves to my skin) as we were having too much fun to take pics. You’ll just have to take Sian’s, Stu’s and my word that it was a brilliant night that I hope to repeat soon.


4 thoughts on “How karaoke solves everything. Literally, everything.

  1. Sian says:

    Haha! I couldn’t for the life of me work out why I woke up with glittery boobs. Took me about an hour to remember about the sparkly hats. I was confused.

    Really, iPhone is rubbish at photos, there’s one photo of Stu but you can’t really gauge anything from that. It looks like he’s singing all normal, and not high-pitched like a girl.

    Very misleading.

  2. StuartW says:

    It’s called *range*, ladies.

    Glad you came out in the end Alex, knew you’d have a good time. Nobody can resist karaoke after a few drinks!

    That’s our business model, that is.

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