Will there be a Motown 75?

Considering I’m a huge Motown fan, it’s astonishing I have only just this minute seen that performance of Billie Jean. You know, this one here:

The first thing that struck me was that, in another 25 years time, none of these amazing artists will be alive. And I’m aware how “no shit, Sherlock” that is but it still makes me really sad. The generations below me will have only distant memories of The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and more.

But that’s not exactly the case, is it? I wasn’t alive at the peak of Motown. My parent’s weren’t born when Motown had it’s first hit. But I can’t remember a time when that music hasn’t been in my life.

Example: The Motown 50 album played nonstop on Christmas Day in my house and everyone, from Grandparents to my younger cousins were loving it – I don’t think that would’ve happened with any other genre.

I guess if there’s one thing that Michael Jackson’s death has shown, it’s that the memories of legendary talent doesn’t die when the person does. And that makes things better. But a small part of me will always be a bit miffed that I won’t ever see the original line-up of The Temptations perform ‘My Girl’:

Loving the dance routine – you don’t see moves like that anymore.


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