Why I’m a teensy bit obsessed with Dreamgirls

As I type this, I’m watching Dreamgirls for the fifth time since I arrived in Derby on Wednesday. This is partly because there’s little else to do here, but mostly because it’s a brilliant film that only gets more fabulous with each viewing.

If you don’t know what Dreamgirls is about, then acquaint yourself with the trailer:

Awesome, right?

Here’s why I can fully justify watching it on a daily basis:

1. I’m mildly obsessed with any film involving Motown.

2. Any film set in the 60s and 70s worth it’s salt will have lots of fab outfits and hair-dos – Dreamgirls is no exception. They are all gorgeous, but these two make my knees tremble:

dreamgirls bad side

dreamgirls grecian dress

3. Jennifer Hudson’s  rendition of ‘And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going’ is probably my favourite performance in any musical. You’d have to be inhuman not to be moved by it and that Oscar was very well deserved. Take THAT Simon Cowell.

4. Everything about Beyonce in this film is fantastic and I now have a massive ladycrush on her. She looks breathtakingly beautiful (if a little boney) and really tones down her inner Sasha Fierce to play “sugar-sweet and shy” Deena Jones.

5. It’s pretty rare to see an all-black cast in a US movie that then goes on to do really well commercially. Dreamgirls has a very strong cast which, sadly, I haven’t seen much of since.


6 thoughts on “Why I’m a teensy bit obsessed with Dreamgirls

  1. JonR says:

    i went to Derby once. someone accused me of witchcraft when i tried to use a debit card, all there was to eat was Nimble bread, and everybody i met, without exception, was an appalling racist. the only tourist attraction that i could find (except for the multitude of gaudy and famously unhygienic brothels that line the highstreet) was a toothless old man banging a dustbin lid with a stick on the cathedral steps and exposing his stinking balls to passers-by. nottingham is better.

  2. toddnash says:


    The one time that I went to Derby, I went to a pub that had nothing on tap and only bottles of Carlsberg in the fridges, a mangy looking dog that ran about the place yapping it’s ugly face off and a beer garden so overgrown that half-expected your toothless old man to emerge from the weeds. I then saw 20,000 of the locals celebrate a 4-0 football defeat with a pitch invasion and a song-song. Mine’s a true story too (not that I’m suggesting yours isn’t!)

  3. Alexandra Sheppard says:

    OK. Derby really isn’t *that* bad. I lived there for nine years, went to a good school and made some fantastic friends. Like every city, it has it’s good points and bad points.

    But it isn’t London. And I shouldn’t be criticised for enjoying London more or pointing out that London has much more to offer.

    P.S JonR – I wouldn’t appove your last comment as it was just plain rude.

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