Karaoke funtimes @ Lucky Voice. Again.

robyn sian la bamba

Sian and Robyn singing 'La Bamba'

** DISCLAIMER: If you didn’t go to the Qype/Lucky Voice event on Tuesday (and why the hell not?), or don’t know anyone who did, the following will mean nothing to you. **

Tuesday night saw me and a few others head to Lucky Voice Islington for the Qype event, something I’ve been looking forward to all week. What was supposed to be a two hour session turned into 5 (yes, FIVE HOURS) and once again we were turfed out at closing time. I’ve been doing random shudders of embarrassment since then. You know, like in the middle of chopping an onion I’ll groan and exclaim “WHY did I sing Mustang Sally?!”

We sang everything. Literally everything. If you don’t believe me then check out the Spotify playlist.

I have no words.

I have no words.

At the risk of being hated by everyone who attended, here’s my list of highlights from the night:

  • Gemma and LJ put us to shame with their harmonious rendition of  ‘Say A Little Prayer’.
  • Robyn confirmed her status as comic genius and cheeky devil by putting ‘Baby Got Back’ on the playlist. And forcing Tim and Stu to sing it. I honestly can’t remember laughing that much in weeks.
  • Duetting ‘My Girl’, probably my favourite song ever ever, with Stu.
  • Singing and acting out ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ and ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ with Sian. I vaguely remember being on the floor at one point.
  • The group-singalong of Bohemian Rhapsody, complete with harmonies and head-bashing. We sounded fantastic.

Read more about the night at the Lucky Voice and Qype London blogs, if you like. There’s also plenty more embarrassing pics on Annie Mole’s flickr set.


3 thoughts on “Karaoke funtimes @ Lucky Voice. Again.

  1. Sian says:

    WHY were you on the floor? I mean, I remember you being on the floor, but which bit of which song where you on the floor for?

    I’d forgotten about Mustang Sally.

    Wow, this has to be the most written about Qype event EVER.

    • Alexandra Sheppard says:

      Ahem – we were both on our knees if I recall correctly (I may have yanked you down…). I think our acting out of ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ got a teensy bit out of hand.

      Still, good times!

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