What I have learned after two weeks at more!

I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front lately but this time I have a pretty good excuse – I’ve been interning for the past fortnight at more! magazine. I organised this over a year ago and before I decided to boycott the vast majority of women’s glossies on the basis that they are vile damaging rags.

(Before I go on, I will say that I don’t think that more! is a vile damaging rag. In fact it’s funny, has brilliant fashion pages and no “[insert celeb] CELLULITE SHOCKER”-type stories. So there.)


You know The Devil Wears Prada? Nothing like that. Not even a teensy bit.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, more! is a weekly fashion and lifestyle magazine aimed at women in their early 20s, but mostly read by 16 year old girls, best known for the Position Of The Week feature (described in pornographic detail and illustrated by Barbie and Ken dolls).

All in all, I enjoyed my time there much more than I expected and added a great deal to my (zero) knowledge of how a magazine operates. I also learned the following:

  • Finding a dead rat under your desk on the first day isn’t necessarily a bad omen, just indicative of a slightly messy office.
  • Make tea and everyone will love you.
  • Type up a transcript and they will love you even more.
  • Some people will flash you a slightly insane grin when they want your attention and can’t remember your name.
  • Other people will ignore you outright.
  • Do everything – even the most dull and menial tasks – with a smile.
  • Knowledge of soaps, celebs and Big Brother will come in handy.
  • Ditto the love-lives of the male cast of Gossip Girl.
  • Don’t make any The Devil Wears Prada references (“Omigod, I’m so Andi”). You will look like a wally and people will laugh at you behind your back.
  • Bring back a receipt for every little thing that you buy for staff or risk being outed as a thief.

I’ll be doing this all over again for Time Out (my most favourite publication ever) in a few weeks  – what else should I keep in mind?


8 thoughts on “What I have learned after two weeks at more!

  1. Nick Gilmartin says:

    Thats really good Alex, how did you go about organizing an internship? GQ don’t return my calls. Neither does Razzle for that matter.

  2. Alexandra Sheppard says:

    I emailed the editorial assistants a year in advance! I tried about 15 magazines and only heard from three…

  3. Dan says:

    Sounds good. Also sounds like you’ve got the ‘way to be’ at work experience nailed. do the naff jobs well, make tea and help, and it’ll come back around soon enough. People remember the keen, able and willing people more than the stroppy, useless, slow people.

    Other good thing to do, is, probably on the last day, submit a few feature ideas (preferably ones that you could do) and say you just thought they were worth putting forward. Then you may get a commission (perhaps unpaid) but one nonetheless. After that, you’re away.

  4. Fresh Design says:

    Can’t believe you found a dead rat under your desk, that’s awful! (have now got visions of a rat infested More! office).
    Glad you had a good time though and good luck with the next internship.

  5. Dana says:

    Hi, i really need your help. June next year, i will be doing my work experience in year 10, so i will be 15. When i am older, i want to be a journalist. so i thought working at a magazine will be a great start. What do you thing? what magazine do you think i should apply for? I need help

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