Good things that have happened today

Today has been one of those rare days: lots of little things have happened to make me happy. None of them are especially significant on their own, but together they have made this Wednesday pretty special. Here they are, in a nice list with bullet-points:

  • I spent the day with my good friend Laura. I’m making a number of pretty important decisions and after talking to Laura, I always feel a lot more confident in my choices. It’s like she delves into my brain and organises my thoughts into neat little piles. Or something.
  • It was a lovely sunny day, so  I was fully justified in wearing sandals, sundress and a flower in my hair.
  • We walked along the Thames, from Tower Hill to Southbank. I’ve never done that before.
  • I passed Shakespeare’s Globe! Have made a mental note to visit.
  • Ditto Gordon’s Wine Bar.
  • I ate oreos in my current favourite patch of grass (the lawn directly beneath the London Eye).
  • I discovered another nice patch of green – it’ll be my new (secret) reading spot.
  • I bought some new bubble bath, the smell of which reminds me of something lovely from my childhood. 
  • I had a lovely stack of pancakes for dinner.
  • I made these pancakes whilst listening to some of my favouritest songs ever on Heart Fm.

Today certainly wasn’t perfect (I’m sunburnt, have achy feet and it was the last time I’ll see Laura until January), but there’s no fun in focusing on the negatives.


2 thoughts on “Good things that have happened today

  1. epicurienne says:

    OMG you so have to go to Gordon’s Wine Bar. Have you been there yet? It was one of the first bars I was taken to by The People Who Know Better when I first moved to London. It’s pokey, dark and small, but these days they stick a few gas heaters out to the side between the bar and the park so you can drink in fresh air as the summer becomes a distant memory. Not that we’ve had a proper summer for years now…

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