My Favourite Things #1

I find a lot of random things that I find funny and interesting on the web over the course of the week. Rather than piss off my Twitter followers (they do put up with quite a lot), I thought I’d dump them here every Friday*. Hope you like!

1. I found out about bespectacled soul singer Mayer Hawthorne and wrote about him here. I haven’t stopped listening to him since, and I’m ridiculously excited to be seeing him DJ on Friday because he’s an absolute cutie a really talented guy.

2. Want to declare your romantic intent in an organised, clear and bureaucratic fashion? These forms are the only way to do it.

3. I’m absolutely besotted with this Funky Love Tonic playlist on Mixcloud (I have a few invites to give away if you like – just let me know).

*Yes, I know it’s Sunday but on Friday I was a little distracted by the sheer crappiness of the day. So I hid.


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