What should I do for my birthday?

In a couple of months (on November 19th, to be precise) I turn 21. I’m not usually mad about throwing parties – I haven’t had one since I turned 14 – and most of my birthday ‘gatherings’ since then involved my best friends, a scary film and homemade vodka jelly in my mum’s kitchen. Great fun they were too. But it’s my 21st and, seeing as I had a very quiet 18th, 19th and 20th, I think I should do something involving more than 10 people.

I’ve already asked the Twitter hive mind for suggestions and there were some really good ones. But I think I know what I want to do and it involves the following:

  1. People who I like
  2. Tipsiness (preferably of the champagne variety)
  3. High heels and a pretty dress
  4. A very late night
  5. A nice place for us to chat

That sounds all well and good but there are a few problems, like the fact I can’t organise for toffee and OMGWHATIFNOBODYTURNSUPANDILOOKLIKEACOMPLETEIDIOT.

Let me explain.

I don’t know a great deal of people in the capital and I can’t expect my impoverished student friends to travel from their various Midland campuses to thatLondon for my sake (that’s fine, as I’ll be having a separate shindig in Derby). But I honestly don’t think I know and like enough people in London to fill out a room in a pub. There are around 20 people (at a push) who I’d want to see, and that’s not really enough for a party.

Now I’m confused again. Ideas on a postcard, please…


7 thoughts on “What should I do for my birthday?

  1. LizSara says:

    Make sure you meet 1 person at least before you get to a venue, then you won’t be on your own.

    20 people is more than enough for a party you don’t need to hire anywhere just pick a good location

  2. Selina says:

    20 is a good number for a party. If there’s too many people, you’d feel like you were neglecting some people and then it all becomes far too stressful.

  3. Jane says:

    Alex! My birthday is on the 21st! What say we join forces for a Domestic Sluts/Twitter knees-up? Then we can share the organisational duties, and we can both stop fretting that people might not come, because between us I’m sure we could rustle up a decent-sized crew. Or then at least if no-one comes we can drown our sorrows at our revolting unpopularity together…

  4. epicurienne says:

    Having found you absolutely fantastic company last night, I would love to be at your birthday. But you have to realise that I, too, come with quite a few more years on the planet and therefore I’ll be one of those head-slappers saying “God, I’m old…” every 5 minutes.

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