Why my new job is the shiz

N.B Seeing as I’ve had a new job for over a week this blog post shouldn’t come as a surprise. I’m just a bit lazy.

N. N. B Come payday, I vow to get Siany hammered on cocktails for sending me the job application in the first place. Thanks Sian! x

I have a job at a lovely company called Webjam in a lovely corner of London. Here’s why it’s the cat’s pyjamas:

  • I only work until 1pm, meaning I can visit exhibitions, shops and museums  during the afternoon. Or I can nap.
  • We get up to 15 different types of fruit delivered to our office.
  • The room is a lovely temperature.
  • I won’t get laughed at for putting serious thought into what web browser I use.
  • Ditto Twitter client.
  • No-one minds when I bother them persistently for help over Skype.
  • That is because they’re all lovely.

3 thoughts on “Why my new job is the shiz

  1. Siany says:

    Yuhhsss! Cocktails! I win!

    I remember writing a very similar blog post when I got the job offer there :-) Webjam make work awesome.

    And I wish cats *did* wear pyjamas when they had naps. That’s be super cute.

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