The month that was…September

My last blog post was a bit rubbish, really. Bullet points are fine once in a while but, if I’m to practice my writing in this blog, it’s pretty poor form. So I’ve edited it and given it a bit more attention. Wow, I feel much better now.

When I first got my blog, I meant to do monthly reviews as a way of keeping track of the good things that happened (kind of like a diary minus the gossip). But I didn’t because I’ve been busy and generally a bit rubbish. So, here is the inaugural ‘Month that was…’ post. Take it away, September:


I’ve always thought that there’s a direct correlation between the awesomeness of a night out and the intensity of the subsequent hangover. Twestival London proved that theory correct – worst hangover of the year. Even thinking about the sparkly pink wine (which was very nice) makes me feel a bit queasy. Brr. Enough of hangover talk.

Anyway, because of said hangover I don’t remember a great deal about what happened. I do remember the sheer size of Vinopolis (the venue), bumping into lots of people I chatted to on Twitter and somehow making it to the Spoonfed party in Shoreditch. If someone could remind me about what happened in between, I’d be grateful.

Sluttery in your Inbox

Domestic Sluttery let me be their Newsletter Editor (yay! woot! etc!), which means that once a fortnight I put together an email full of prettiness (and Sian double-checks I’ve spelt “stationery” correctly). Our first newsletter went out on September 21st and we’re rather proud if it.

Also: Check us out in the November issue of Ideal Home magazine!

Wilton’s Music Hall

Wilton’s is one of the most beautiful venues I’ve visited in London. It’s the world’s oldest surviving music hall and has a decrepit, spooky charm that makes it perfect for “gothabilly” bands like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and rather strange cabaret acts. There’s a lovely little bar (with cocktails!) and it’s very cosy. I visited a couple of times in September and fell in love with it – it’s a really amazing building. I think I’d like to have my wedding reception here. That’s if it survives – it’s semi-derelict and needs to raise a huge amount of money to stay open.

Qyper of the Week

The lovely people at made me their Qyper of the Week in September! I got my face in the newsletter, Jess gave me a lovely write-up on the blog and a big bag of sweets aaaaaall to myself. See? Staying in on a Friday night typing reviews does have it’s rewards.

And finally…

…I done got me a new job! It’s at Webjam and I blogged about it’s brillance here, including the fact that I finish at 1pm. As it’s only part-time, I’m still on the hunt for something to do in the afternoons. I should mention that people who find me jobs get plied with cocktails for their trouble. Just sayin’.


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