“Look mum, I’m in Time Out!”

Remember when I interned at Time Out over the Summer? Well in my two-week stint, they let me help out loads on the  2009/10 Student Guide and I even got a few things published.

And I’m very pleased. Not least because I would eat kittens for a byline in Time Out, but because the Student Guide is a really fantastic magazine – certainly the best student-aimed publication I’ve read. It’s incredibly useful without being patronising, and I’m very proud to have worked on it.


That’s a whole page with my writing! All about interiors, which is apt considering I write for Domestic Sluttery.


And another full page all about Camden, which I co-wrote (it’s mostly my writing though – soz Josh Heller!):


A little write-up about art fairs:


Not to mention a few bylines I got for additional research (e.g. tramping around East London art galleries).

I’m going to be unbearably smug over the next few days. Just so you know.


9 thoughts on ““Look mum, I’m in Time Out!”

    • Alexandra Sheppard says:

      Thanks! It’s £1.99 in newsagents :-) I’d really recommend it, there’s so much useful info about restaurants, clubs, museums etc that I never knew about.

  1. StuartW says:

    Amazing, congratulations! I hope realising your dream so early doesn’t mean the rest of your life is a crushing disappointment.

    *awkward silence*

    Srsly though, well done ;-)

  2. laura says:

    wooey! go you! amazing! very impressed! now perhaps you can help me…
    can you point italo (the hot brazilian) in the right direction for getting his comic book published in the UK? its very good! :)

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