Is this what being a grown up feels like?

Tomorrow I’m 21.

Though the idea of celebrating your birthday has always seemed a little odd to me (and self-indulgent – yes, I was raised in church) I like the idea of “reflecting”. Particularly on the stuff I’ve done and the stuff I thought I’ve had done. I’m well aware that I’m young and have a lot to learn, but it does seem that there are an awful lot of gaps in my “life experience”. See:

I don’t understand the Middle East Conflict.

I haven’t been in a long-term relationship.

My hair is still always a little bit messy.

I still do that incredibly nerdy thing of pushing my glasses up at the bridge.

I haven’t lost my “puppy fat”.

I don’t think I’m going to get any taller than 5ft 3 :-(

I haven’t been to university yet. At least not for any longer than two semesters.

I have yet to visit Paris. Or Venice. Or Rome. Or Barcelona.

Hmm. Maybe when I’m 22 I’ll be a proper grown up?


6 thoughts on “Is this what being a grown up feels like?

  1. Siany says:

    Hehe. I’ve never been to Venice or Barcelona. And I don’t understand the Middle East Conflict either. But then, I don’t think I’m a grown up yet and I’m six (six!?) years older than you!


  2. sesp says:

    My hair will *always* be a bit of a mess. I like to think it makes me look carefree and slightly wild, rather than genetically blighted with a lax attitude to grooming. Is it working?

  3. Emma Cossey says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Being a grown up looks boring, lets put it off for as long as possible! I’m 24 and have no idea what’s going on in the middle east (and I’d probably struggle to point it out on a map!), this is the first year I’ve managed a long term relationship and I’ve been to Venice but it smelled really bad!

    30 is the new grown up age :)

    Hope you have a lovely birthday x

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