My 21st birthday in numbers

My 21st birthday wasn’t the debauched night that is expected (I’m saving bad behaviour for me and Jane’s joint birthday party next week) but it was still a lot of fun. Very random and unlike any day I’ve ever had, but great fun.  It consisted of…

1 ride on a scary rollercoaster in Hyde Park.

15 minutes of tentative ice-skating.

1 round on the carousel. My horse was called Ashley:

1 plastic cup of Mulled Wine (my first – it was delish).

2 celebrity sightings – that blonde from Hollyoaks and the mixed-race lady from Holby City.

2 hours stroking corsets, trying on hats and blushing over “erotica” (Me: “What’s this?” Sian: “That’s a cock ring, Alex”) in posh knickers shop Bordello, Shoreditch.

17 birthday greetings posted on my Facebook wall.

31 happy birthday messages on Twitter

1 impromptu trip to Vinopolis for girly drinks

…And many, many white wines.


4 thoughts on “My 21st birthday in numbers

  1. izzy says:

    congrats on your 21st! i saw your Posterous & just wanted to say it made me laugh quite a bit! just thought i’d drop by and tell you how much i enjoyed it!

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