60 fun things: November update

Way back in October I blogged about the 60 fun things I want to do over the next year. It averages out at five new and “enriching” experiences per month – here’s how far I got in November:

14. Go to a costume party

Last weekend I went to Domestic Slut Gemma’s Mad Men themed party. There was Julie London on the decks, retro cocktails with names like ‘Old-Fashioned’ and everyone partied like it was 1962. I wore a swishy dress, but couldn’t quite master the beehive.

15. Buy fancy underwear without blushing at the till

On my birthday I went to a Qype event held at Bordello, a gorgeous shop that can be reliably described as selling the fanciest of underwear and more. Much more. Seeing as I didn’t buy anything (and blushed furiously – you all know the story by now) I’ll only give myself a half point. But when my budget does allow for £300 corsets to be bought, I’m fully going back. I’ll just be sure not to loiter at the till…

18. Get to know Shoreditch

I’ve been to Shoreditch several times in the past month for the aforementioned Bordello event, a birthday party and Halloween. I still think it’s overpriced, snooty (not lah-di-dah Kensington snooty, but hipster snooty – not sure which is worse) and pretty grubby. Call me precious, but I don’t want my Saturday night to involve stepping over puddles of vomit.

There are some people who never seem to leave Shoreditch. If you are one of those people, please explain the appeal of it to me. I just don’t geddit.

26. Go shopping for vinyls

Again, I’ll give myself a half point for this. I asked music-y friends for advice on where to go and set aside a Saturday afternoon for grubbing about in record stores. But then I spent my vinyls money on a pair of boots.

Absolutely no regrets there.

45. Try a macaroon from Laduree

Sian shared her birthday gift of Laduree macaroons with everyone at her party (partly because she’s lovely, partly because she’s allergic to raspberries). They were delicious, but I expected nothing less.

52. Buy a brownie from Paul A. Young’s

Any excuse to visit that shop in Camden Passage, really. It just smells so good in there. That said their brownies aren’t as mind-blowingly good as Lantana’s. Which leads me nicely to…

55. Find the perfect chocolate brownies

£2 spent at Lantana Cafe will get you the most amazing, grin-with-the-sheer-yumminess-of-them brownies in London. They are so delicious that they make me smile. An inanimate object, by virtue of being fucking delicious, makes me happy. Craziness.

Fancy making your own? These Cheesecake Brownies are every bit as sexy as they sound.


6 thoughts on “60 fun things: November update

  1. Siany says:

    My macarons were from Yuautcha. Sorry. But I didn’t share because I’m lovely. Just because I was allergic. I don’t share macarons.

    They were yummysome :-)

  2. Sesp says:

    Sorry doll – Sian’s right.
    But if Laduree are the classical choice, then Yuautcha are the modernist choice, so I think you’re fine to cover both bases.
    (And good thing I’m a complete dolt who forgot about the allergy…)

  3. missalissab says:

    Oh you still have Laduree to try then! So worth it…and in my humble opinion the best thing at Paul Young is the Sea Salted Caramel ice cream with ‘grown-up’ ice magic. Amazing.Kicks the brownie’s ass.

    Oh and I live in Shoreditch, it’s pretty grotty and grubby in places but you just need to find the sweet bits – they’re there I promise.



    • Alexandra Sheppard says:

      I do love that shop – smells so amazing! I’ll give the sea salted caramel ice cream a whirl on your recommendation then :-)

      Also, where are these places in Shoreditch?!


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