Macaroons & Mona Lisa: My dream day in Paris

Disclaimer: This is an entry to a competition for Le Nouveau Paris. But seeing as I’ve been obsessed with Paris for several years, this post was bound to happen sooner or later…

Every year I make plans to visit Paris. Around Spring I email friends and family members, work out schedules, check ticket websites and fantasise in spending a weekend in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. And it never happens. Something always comes up and so I still have yet to skip (because everyone in Gay Paree skips, right?) around this amazing city.

Honestly, I’d be happy to spend an entire Summer’s day under the Eiffel Tower eating and drinking. But if I had €1000 to spend?

Well, once I’d stop throwing the banknotes in the air and rolling around in them on my hotel room bed (always wanted to do that) I’d make a list. And this is what that list would include:

  • Macaroons! Trying a Laduree macaroon is on my list of fun things to do in London, but why not visit the source of ganache-y goodness in Paris? I might even buy a few for family and friends.
  • Mona Lisa! The chance to see one of the world’s most famous pieces of art, UP CLOSE, would be amazing. Then I’d hop to The Louvre gallery’s gift shop and buy enough postcards to satisfy the stationery fetishist in me.
  • Fancy-schmancy hotels! This might make me sound like a total girl, but I still watch Sex & The City. The Parisian hotel in the last ever episode (where Carrie completely freaks out when she sees the Eiffel Tower from her hotel room – don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about) is utterly divine. I’d like a night in there please. With room service, natch.
  • SHOPPING! Yeah, I can’t not visit the fashion capital of the universe and not go shopping. That’d be like going to Scotland and not buy a haggis. Or something.

I think that just about uses up my budget, but I feel like I’m missing something. What would be your dream day in Paris?


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