My New Year’s resolutions

I’m not going to do anything drastic like resolve to lose weight, invent some life-changing invention or have neat hair. No, just a few little things that I’ve been meaning to do for some time. Here are the ways I’m going to “better myself” (ugh) in 2010:

1. Take more pictures. An Uncle of mine once told me that you can never spend too much money on camera film and getting pictures developed and, eight years later, I’m inclined to agree – it’s not like you’ll ever get that time back. So I’ll be taking snaps at pretty much every event I go to. Even if they are really fucking stupid, like this one:

2. Keep track of every book I read. No specific reason for this one really, but my friend Dan Worth did it and I liked the idea.

3. Don’t be a book snob. I avoided the Twilight Saga – even though friends told me they were unputdownable – because I thought myself above teen fiction. As it happened, I virtually inhaled the four books in three days. Granted, Stephenie Meyer isn’t the best writer but she created a world that had me hooked from page one. And I don’t want to miss out on any more amazing fiction because of a snobby attitude.

4. Stop feeling bad when buying things other than travel cards and milk. This is a hangover from my Summer of providing free labour at various magazines. Every pound was budgeted and there was no room for fripperies like magazines, eyeliner and Lush bath bombs (don’t feel too bad – I lived at home, so never went hungry or anything). Even though now I’m working, I mull over virtually every purchase – from a new dress to spinach hummus. It’s rather irritating to say the least.

5. Think about boys less. Self-explanatory really.

6. Listen to something other than Soul music. Starting with Bon Iver.


4 thoughts on “My New Year’s resolutions

  1. Emma C says:

    Those sound like some good resolutions. Never feel bad about magazines, they’re research for work after all :)

    Also, where did you find spinach hummus? That sounds amazing!

    • Alexandra Sheppard says:

      I found spinach hummus in the Covent Garden Christmas food market, of all places! It tasted ok, but it was a bit bland. They had beetroot flavour as well, which was a lovely shade of pink!

  2. Jane Bradley says:

    I totally feel you on number four – I get the guilt about every purchase, even when I can afford and justify it – like spending a mere £5 on a pair of flat shoes because every other pair in my wardrobe were ridiculous and not suitable for doing anything than sitting around smugly thinking ‘my shoes are lovely.’ I still agonise over the spending and have to rationalise it for hours. Usually to Z, who thinks I am mad. Ah well…. x

  3. David A. Bedford says:

    It’s always good to read widely and not be snob about books. I may even take a look at Twilight some day. My daughter, who read it, says it’s poorly written and that’s why I haven’t touched it yet. Is anyone up for teen fiction that’s realistic and still enrgrossing and hard to put down? If so, you may enjoy my new release, Angela 1: Starting Over, the first of a series of three set in a coastal Texas high school. To learn more about the book, please click on my name and follow the link to my website. Thanks!

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