60 fun things: December update

December has certainly been the busiest month by far for me, yet I didn’t do ONE thing on my list. Not one. I would feel bad, but I did so many other random and fun things. Things like…

…Drinking from a cocktail so big you could row in it

Thanks to the outrageously creative folks at Bompas & Parr, Domestic Slut Jane and I got to drink berry cocktails at 2pm on a Thursday afternoon whilst wearing plastic aprons. Great fun. The subsequent tipsy tumbling down Oxford Circus was not.

Jane chillaxing with a cocktail...

…Going late night shopping in Broadway Market

After sobering up at Gail’s from said berry cocktail (thanks to plenty of tea and coconut cake) we went to Broadway Market for Christmas shopping. Unfortunately none of the stalls were around, but there was an amazing bookshop that sold Babar and gave us hot cider.

…Visiting Bourne & Hollingsworth (finally!) for the Domestic Sluttery Christmas party

Even though the venue wasn’t as fabulous as I’d expected and a few Domestic Sluts couldn’t make it, the party was probably my favourite evening in December (bar Christmas Eve).


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