Does Chanel belong in the nursery?

I stumbled across this photo on the Basically Anything That Is Awesome blog this morning:


A part of me can’t deny that this is one adorable kid. But unlike the blogger who first posted this image (“omg i can’t handle how cute this is…”) this photo bothers me. I feel the same thing when I see clothed kittens – uncomfortable and a little angry.

And before anyone starts, I’m not comparing this child to a kitten. But let’s face it – I’m sure, like the kittens, she didn’t choose that outfit. And, like the kittens, this child isn’t an accessory to be dressed up and paraded at her owner’s parent’s whim. Toddlers don’t need to be worrying about high heels (Katie, I’m looking at you) or handbags or making sure their scarf matches their cardi. How can a child play on the swings with a handbag over her shoulder?

I’m not saying that kids should be clothed in potato sacks until their sixth birthday, and I have nothing against buying designer threads for little ones*. It’s only natural to want to give your children the best you can afford. But there’s something very wrong with forcing children to grow up by treating them as mini adults. Some of my best memories are of making mud pies with my little sisters in the back garden. We wore dungarees, got all grubby and had lots of fun.

Somehow I don’t think this little girl was on her way to the playground.

*But I never would. Do you have any idea  how quick babies grow out of stuff?


7 thoughts on “Does Chanel belong in the nursery?

  1. Alison Cross says:

    You just know that the first time she puts this down and wanders off to make mud pies with the other kids, her teacher will have made off with the Chanel bag and will blame the theft on some poor Matalan-wearing sprog.

    Ali x

  2. Siany says:

    Yep, gotta agree with this. If a kid chooses something, then great. But they’re not dolls. Stop dressing them up. That said, I really like that bag. See? It’s wrong. Typing that makes me feel uneasy. I think child modelling is a very dodgy area and I don’t like it.

    Same goes for parents who make their twins wear identical outfits. *Shudder*

  3. Alexandra Sheppard says:

    The photo makes me sad – how can that little girl go running about with a scarf tied around her neck that way? Style isn’t for toddlers!

    And don’t even get me started on kiddy beauty pageants…

  4. Jo Fuertes-Knight says:

    HEXACTLY! I always feel kids that are just accessories for their pretentious parents and not allowed to have a normal childhood (covered in food stains and in pigtails) will grow into a neurotic teenager with a furious case of body dysmorphia.

    Keeping my eye on Kate Moss’s absent child…the one she only wheels out when it has a designer dress on.

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