Introducing For Books’ Sake

If you follow me or the lovely Jane Bradley on Twitter, then you would have heard about her exciting new project that launched this week. For Books’ Sake is a blog featuring book reviews, news, interviews and general book nerdiness.

I’m really very excited about it. Not just because I’m a contributer but because I think it fills a gap in the market. I read blogs that cover most of my interests – London, music, cute boys with cats – but finding an intelligent books blog that doesn’t take itself too seriously is tough. So when Jane told me she was launching a ‘Super-Fantabulous-But-As-Yet-Unnamed Books Blog’ I was all too happy to get on board.

But writing reviews is very different to the usual stuff I scribble about over on Domestic Sluttery. It forces me to form an opinion, something I suck at because I’m so nervous about someone disagreeing with me. And I’m everso slow. Maybe it’s because I haven’t yet gone to university (and therefore missed out on years of writing essays) or I’m just not a very experienced writer, but my review of We Need To Talk About Kevin took me three weeks to write*. Three weeks! If I was freelance I’d be living off crackers.

But I digress. Do keep an eye out for For Books’ Sake on Twitter and Facebook. And you know, actually read us.

*So please read. Here.


2 thoughts on “Introducing For Books’ Sake

  1. Annie says:

    You mean you’ve spent all this time without Book Slut? But…but…it’s brilliant! WIll clearly read this new blog as it’s by a Domestic Slut, but BS has been sailing that sea for years.

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