30 things I miss about home

  1. Walking through the graveyard on the way to the shops
  2. And getting a cone of chips on the way back.
  3. The hammock in my back garden.
  4. Sisters 2 & 3 teasing me about my clothes/eyebrows/hair and insisting that they style me instead.
  5. Sisters 2 & 3 in general.
  6. My mum.
  7. Being cooked for.
  8. Eating at the kitchen table.
  9. Being told I can’t leave the kitchen table until I finish all of my dinner.
  10. My family making me laugh so much over dinner that I fall off my chair.
  11. Coffee made in a percolator and sweetened with condensed milk.
  12. Buttery scrambled eggs.
  13. Taxi home after a night out for £7.
  14. Cocktails for £4.
  15. Not ever wearing a coat on a night out.
  16. Queuing outside the only club open until 3am and hoping we wouldn’t get ID’d.
  17. Dime bar milkshakes from Shake Out.
  18. Hopping on the bus to Nottingham, just because.
  19. Butterflies when I bump into certain people.
  20. My grandma, grandad and aunts.
  21. Strawberry bonbons from the DVD rental place.
  22. Three bedrooms in my tiny house, each playing a different CD at full blast.
  23. The smell of fabric softener.
  24. Epic games of Monopoly.
  25. My aunt popping round with strawberry and cream tart.
  26. Stealing my sister’s shoes and denying it later.
  27. Saturday night movies.
  28. Walking the scary way home.
  29. Singing along to Earth, Wind & Fire in my mum’s car.
  30. Drinking out of my giant Aristocats mug.


Someone remind me that I’m incredibly lucky to be in London please?


3 thoughts on “30 things I miss about home

  1. Siany says:

    You’re incredibly lucky to miss *home*. I don’t have that very often. Almost never. But I’ll maybe write a nice list on my blog about things that I think are awesome about London. There are MANY :-)

    • Alexandra Sheppard says:

      Luckily my dad lives in London, so I’ve been living with him while I find my feet. I do adore London – it’s where I was born and where I’ll stay – but sometimes there’s no place like home :-)

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