Travellin’ Plans

Last month I hopped on a plane (first time in three years, unbelievably) and went  to the gorgeous little city of Tallinn in Estonia. Sian and I had a lovely time even if, partly due to her African Virus, we holidayed like OAPs and our trip was of the eating, sightseeing and watching Poirot in the hotel room variety (pretty snaps here).

But the trouble with travel is that it gets rather addictive. Returning to work, chores and drizzly London – aka the Post-Holiday Comedown – is even more depressing once you’ve had a few days away from it. And the little (and large) problems you thought you left behind? Yeah, they don’t disappear just because you’ve had a few days away. Rather inclined to think that Nabokov (well, Humbert Humbert) was right after all:

“A change of environment is the traditional fallacy upon which doomed loves, and lungs, rely.”

Still, that’s not stopped me from drawing up a massive list of places I want to visit. I rarely leave London, and when I do it’s to visit family and friends in Derby. That’s probably not very healthy. So here (time, money and company permitting) are the places I hope to visit in the next few years:

Florence – Uffizi, ice cream and Michelangelo

New York City – well, duh

Brighton – Seaside and shopping at The Lanes

Edinburgh – A week in this castle please

Oxford – The Ashmolean (specifically this) and playing Harry Potter

Vatican City – I blame Robert Langdon

Paris (again) – Eclairs, Sacre Couer and a proper trip to The Louvre

Sydney – Family who live by the coast!

Manchester – Vintage shopping and the chance to meet lovely Twitter people in the flesh

To be honest, I’m happy acting the tourists in most places so my future travels are by no means limited to this list. But if I know anyone who a) lives in any of the above places and b) is willing to be my guide then makes yourselves known! Also, if anyone (that I know who isn’t a psycho) is willing to travel with me then drop me an email.

Image of me wandering in Tallinn from sianysianysiany’s flickr photostream


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