Open letter to me

Dear Me: A Letter To My Sixteen-Year-Old Self is a book containing letters from celebs to their younger selves. Here is mine.

Dear 16 year-old Alex,

You’ve survived the past five years without a hitch and things are going very well indeed. Well done you. But there is one important thing you should know. If I tell you, you’ve got to promise me you won’t get mad. Okay? Okay. Well you know university? And that English Lit degree you’ve been on about taking? Erm…you kinda don’t have one.

NOW LET ME EXPLAIN. It’s not that you didn’t get good enough A-Levels to get into university (in fact you did awesome). You did get into uni but it just so happened it wasn’t for you. Not right now. Yes, I know you’ve been ordering prospectuses before you’ve even finished GCSEs. And I know you’re spending every evening revising. You’re weird like that. But please listen to me when I say that shit works out. You may not have a degree right now but you do have jobs (yes, plural) that you enjoy in lovely companies. In London, no less!

So why am I telling you this? I just want you to realise that crying over a D in AS-Level History is pointless. As is crying in the girls toilet because you don’t get into your first, second, third or fourth choice university. Life will go on.

Talking of crying over trivial things…you know that boy? Don’t be coy, we both know who I mean. Just don’t even bother.

I know how you like surprises so I won’t spoil much for you. But I’d really prefer if you spent the remainder of your teens sneaking into clubs, taking awful pictures of yourself in awful fancy dress (see above) and wearing glitter nail polish.

Have fun,

Love Alex


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