Things I should remember

Since blogging about writer’s block earlier this week I received a tonne of advice. Mostly in comments, but some over Twitter and in emails too. You are all lovely and really helped me “see the light” when I was feeling snivelly and pathetic.

Here are some writery nuggets of wisdom:

“The fact you feel so passionately and intensely about how you write, demonstrates there’s something in you that’s there to be written.”

– Christiana

“You need to give yourself permission to write badly. Have fun and don’t judge yourself…Take the writing you admire and analyse the shit out of it. Pull back the curtain to see how the magic works.”

– Kerry

“The only thing you’re doing wrong is not finishing what you start.”

– Robyn

“If [writing] was easy, you wouldn’t regard it as a gift or a blessing.”

– Mof

“Bella, the day you’re pleased with everything you write is the day you should look into becoming an investment banker.”

– Jess

Useful, understanding and wise words. I think I shall print them out and blue-tac ’em to the wall above my desk.

So, what now? I’m aiming to write a little each day, no more than 200 words. Some of it I’ll pop on the blog, some will be stashed away in a folder. And we’ll see how things go from there.

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2 thoughts on “Things I should remember

  1. Nina says:

    I’m a bit late commenting on this one, but it made me remember something I read about Terry Pratchet. Apparently he started writing in his evenings after work. He wrote 300 words a night, no matter what – which I guess is quite manageable. One evening he finished his book in less than 300 words so he started a new one! It doesn’t sound very exciting but I just LOVE that he carried on writing – it just seems so determined.

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