What I’ve been up to: Links and things

I made you some coffee.

Pardon the ‘oh-bum-I-should-really-update-my-blog’ nature of this post, but it’s about time I wrote something longer than 140 characters. So, just in case you’ve not been following my over-sharing on Twitter, here’s a few things I’ve been up to these past few months. There’s nothing particularly life-changing, but I won’t let a little thing like that stop me from knocking a blog post together, oh no.

Volunteering at Ladyfest Ten

If you follow Jane Bradley on Twitter (if not you should – she’s part sheer delight, part pink lips) then you’ll have heard about Ladyfest Ten, the three day festival that she helped to run. It’s described as…

…a not-for-profit, independent arts festival, hosted by an open collective of volunteers and enthusiasts and aimed at celebrating and promoting women’s creativity and talents.

Sounds cool, right? I found myself volunteering for the festival on my beloved Holloway Road last weekend.

And it wasn’t the least bit scary! As someone who is constantly unsure and wishy-washy, I get a tad nervous around people who are very sure of what they believe in and the principles they hold. Even more so if those principles make me feel guilty (watch me cower in a room full of vegans). And while I do identify as a feminist, I have virtually zero knowledge of the history behind it. Still, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of education and I did leave the festival with a mental list of blogs and magazines to look up.

Anyway, it certainly wasn’t all hardcore discussion. The highlights of Ladyfest Ten for me were learning how to knit (check out the rag I made!) and picking up some handy facts about women’s erotica in a fantastic workshop led by the founder of Filament magazine. Buzzword of the day: “tumescence”.

The Tip Online

Yet another situation brought on by a talented young woman I follow on Twitter, this time Christiana Mbakwe (aka @Christiana1987). She contacted me about writing a piece for her baby, online magazine The Tip Online, on why I decided to give university a miss. Despite being in the throes of writer’s block (me, dramatic?), I agreed to do it because it’s something I feel isn’t discussed enough. So here it is, my article. It’s not the best thing I’ve written (and I managed to bizarrely irritate a man called Tim – check the comments) but I’m pleased I did it nonetheless.

New job! Kinda…

For the first time in a year and a half, I’m now working full-time in one job! During the day you can find me doing community bits and bobs with the gang at Qype HQ. Why not follow us on Twitter?

Domestic Sluttery photoshoot

A few of the London-based Sluts were rounded-up and herded in front of a camera for a charity calendar. I can’t say too much about it just yet but there was a chubby cat, vintage fashion and talk of certain unorthodox practices that had us all in giggles.

Also, standing next to several gorgeous women while you’re feeling grubby and hungover? Not recommended.

My face! On a bag! In Debenhams!

Ya herd.

Flickr image from spaceageboy‘s photostream


2 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to: Links and things

  1. diane says:

    OMG, you’re totally on a bag! How exciting. And LadyFest sounds completely brilliant, wish I could’ve gone. Off to read your Tip article now — I meant to when you tweeted about it, then forgot. (So if nothing else, blogs remind people of stuff.) I’ve tried to go to uni twice now and dropped out, and would still like to get a degree someday, although maybe you’ll convince me otherwise… :)

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