A nearly perfect Saturday

I moan a lot about having to move south of the river, and for good reason. It takes hours to get anywhere, the trains cancel at the merest sniff of snow and I’m sure most of it isn’t actually London. Most of all, I miss my grubby little corner of Holloway.

But there are days when living in South London, specifically near Greenwich, has it’s perks. A Saturday with extreme snowfall is good enough. But throw in spiced apple brandy, sniffing posh soap in charming shops, dithering in the market and a very satisfying snow angel session to get this level of pie-eyed giddiness:

My favourite spot of the day? The enterprising local youths who used estate agent signs as toboggans. That’s London all over.

Snaps by one Sian Meades. Aren’t they lovely?


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