Dear Internet: P.S, I miss you

Mmm, internet.

I had a MacBook once. It had a cool, shiny lid that barely clicked when shut, and the jet keyboard contrasted beautifully with the chrome-coloured edges. We had four blissful months together before we parted ways. It was followed by a three-week affair with a clunky Compaq, but that wasn’t meant to be. And now I am alone again.

Life without a laptop is, to quote Lady Jesus, “the worst”.

Sure, I have a bit more spare time in the evenings. Time that I would’ve frittered away updating Tumblr or watching retro hair tutorials on YouTube or googling Jon Hamm. I’m also reading more.

But it’s only when you have to go through evenings and weekends without a computer that you realise how much it was a part of your life. I’ve had to make the following adjustments to my lifestyle, sans-lappy:

No more Spotify. Now this has hit me the hardest. I’ve gone from having a music catalogue of gajillions at my Mint Green fingertips to relying on my skeletal CD collection.

As I stopped regularly buying CDs when I was 15, my musical consumption at home is all Alicia Keys, Maroon 5 and Avril “I’m a bit too old for this emo lark” Lavigne (although I will happily take on anyone who doesn’t believe that Sk8er Boi is a choon. A CHOON).

No more writing. Ever tried writing by hand? No, not like a shopping list or passive-aggressive sticky note. I mean proper paragraphs on lined paper. That ish is rough. You can’t copy and paste, there’s no spell-check and you can forget about an anthropomorphic paperclip dispensing handy tips.

No more cooking from American food blogs. I like baking as it combines two of my favourite things – lightly salted Lurpak and following rules. And food blogs across the pond are the best places to find butteriffic recipes like Cinnamon Rolls Drowned In Goo or Banana Butterscotch Pudding.

So if you were wondering why my little corner of internet has been so slack on the update, it isn’t because I’m out having a life or something. I’m suffering from the cruellest fate that could ever befall a 20-something social media addict attempting to write a book – I don’t have a laptop.

I know. I’m so brave.

Flickr image from timjoyfamily


7 thoughts on “Dear Internet: P.S, I miss you

  1. larainbow says:

    You sound like you’re being FAR more productive than me. I didn’t have the internet for a month after I moved in… it was the MOST productive time of my life. I actually started DOING things. Like, actually GETTING things DONE. Terrifying.

    But I ‘preciate the lack of typy writing and American diabetes-waiting-to-happen recipes thing. I just wish I could have a laptop for like an hour a day before it disappeared until the next day. That would be MUCH better. Hope you find a happy medium soon! :)

  2. cuttercookie says:

    I love American food blogs. I don’t know what it is that makes them better than Australian ones, but really, they’re amazing.
    Also writing: cool when you think about it but in practise? hurts your hands as well as everything else.

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