Things that I made: Lemon friands


Friands are ace. The little almond and egg white cakes from Australia manage to be dainty without being twee (unlike some other baked goods I could mention) and they’re dead quick to make.

I found the original recipe on Domestic Sluttery, and tarted it up with lemon zest and a swirl of lemon curd. I know that it looks a bit snotty in the picture, but this homemade lemon curd is like gargling sweetened sunshine. Make too much for your friands and eat the rest spread on the warmed carb of your choice. I recommend bagels, but to be quite honest it would probably work on boot leather. It’s that good.

Next up in my quest to poison my friends, housemates and colleagues with butter: Salted Caramel Millionaire’s Shortbread.


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