Taxidermy, Crack Pie & Art Fairs: What I got up to in November

First post in six weeks… Oh dear. So here’s an update of the things that I’ve been up to, just so I can keep my blogger badge. Done something that you think I’d like? Tell me about it so I’m not spending the weekends watching DVDs in bed. 

Rihanna Loud Tour

Image by xo-megane-xo


I’m not the biggest Rihanna fan (confession: I booked these tickets on the strength of last year’s X Factor performance) but she did put on an excellent show complete with levitating pianos, a pink army truck and those trousers that rip off mid-song.

I do think Ri-Ri needs to take a lesson from Destiny’s Child though, but maybe that’s another blog post altogether. To paraphrase: girl, put some clothes on.

A jar of moles and squirrel lamps

As part of my ongoing birthday celebrations – I managed to eke them out for five days! – my lovely housemate took me to the Grant Museum of Zoology in Bloomsbury. It’s been on my list for ages but thanks to awkward opening hours, I’ve never had a chance to go. If skeletons, preserved animals and taxidermy are your thing, then you will love it.

My favourite? The jar of moles, which looks like something from the world’s worst pick ‘n’ mix shop:

Grant Museum moles

Image by @sianysianysiany

Accidentally continuing the taxidermy theme, we stopped by Riding House Café – home to the famous squirrel lamps – for tea. And cheese. And gingerbread with ice cream and poached pears. Shut up, it was my birthday.

Anyway Riding House Café is beyond gorgeous. I haven’t heard fantastic things about the food (I don’t understand London’s love affair with small plates) but thought has been put into every inch of the décor. I’m already in love with the tomato red banquettes and bathrooms that manage to look shabby and luxurious at the same time.

The Other Art Fair

The opening night of The Other Art Fair on Thursday made for excellent eavesdropping – if there’s any greater pleasure than listening in on the conversations of arty types then I don’t know it. But once the novelty of discovering that a person named Tarragon Smith existed, it was nice to look at some really lovely and affordable art. Particularly fond of Dan Hillier’s stuff:

Dan Hillier Luna

Image from

Hendrick’s Afternoon Tea at Hush

This was a pretty standard afternoon tea except for one thing – jellied cocktail on a spoon. Jellied cocktail. On a SPOON. So it was the consistency of hair gel, tasted like the Boots perfume counter and had a slithery texture that might take some getting used to, but this IS the future.

A trip to Persia (in Peckham)

If you’re a fan of cooking Middle Eastern food and Persepolis isn’t on your radar then sort it out. Yes, it’s in Peckham (which, mark my words, will be the next Dalston) but it really isn’t that scary or difficult to get to. It’s the perfect place to get your hands on everything from local honey and rosewater to Persian glassware and baklava.

Say hello to the lovely owner Sally, and make sure you have a look at her wonderful cookbook Veggiestan.

New addictions: Community and Crack Pie

Community is the TV show that was responsible for me staying in bed for pretty much an entire weekend. It’s intelligent and subversive without being smug, the characters are pretty much perfect and if it gets cancelled I will kill myself. Okay, I’ll probably just watch Arrested Development or 30 Rock instead. But I won’t be a happy camper.

Get your hands on Season One, watch it one go and then let’s talk about the paintballing episode.

As for Crack Pie, it’s a concoction of butter, sugar, cream, eggs and oats that everyone needs to try. I used this recipe and gave myself a sugar headache after three slices.

Things I want to do next month:

Devour burger and cocktails at Meat Liquor, swoon over illuminated manuscripts at the British Library, see The Nutcracker at the Royal Opera House and make these Amazing Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies.


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