MAC Cosmetics Makeup Lesson

Blame the omnipresent tagline New Year, New You (which I despise, for the record), my glamorous new colleagues at Wahanda or the fact that I’ve been applying the same shade of eyeshadow like a ham-fisted toddler for pretty much all of 2011, but on Friday afternoon I found myself at a packed branch of MAC Cosmetics in Covent Garden, shaking the rain from my umbrella and waiting to be seated for my first ever makeup lesson.

The idea is that you spend 90 minutes with one of MAC’s trained makeup artists (you know, the lovely ladies with luminous skin who give you lipstick advice at the beauty counter). You tell them what sort of look you want to master and they teach you – the makeup artist will do one side of your face and you’ll do the other, correcting you as you go along.

I wanted to learn a new daytime look, for reasons already stated, and to get over my fear of using foundation. I was a little surprised that my daytime look involved black and silver eyeshadow, plus lashings of smudged black eyeliner and mascara, but the whole thing really worked. She also went through the best brushes to use for each product (apparently fingertips don’t always cut it), was generally very patient and told me I looked like Eva Mendes. I don’t think we can marry, but I’d like to.

The best part? The cost of the lesson (£50, payable in advance) can be redeemed against MAC products at the end of the lesson. Unfortunately £50 doesn’t go all that far in MAC, but I came away with their excellent concealerfinishing powder and a nude lipliner that perfectly matched the colour of my mouth.

Because I’m crap at this blogging business, I completely forgot to take a photo of the end look. Instead, check out the snap of my dressing table / desk after I attempted to recreate the look at home (top of the post). Here’s hoping that the hipster photo filter will make my desk appear a bit more glam…


2 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Makeup Lesson

  1. Frances says:

    I was discussing trying one of these out just yesterday. I’d really wanted to but was a bit put off by the price. Really interested to hear about your experience, and perhaps 2012 will be the year I stop applying eyeshadow in exactly the same way I’ve been doing since I was 13 (something tells me that isn’t the best way to do it!).

    • Alexandra Sheppard says:

      Yes, the price put me off for ages. But since I needed a makeup cull and was bored of the same look, I decided to go for it. And if you combine it with a night out, then you it’s like you’ve had a professional makeover ;-)

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