Frugal February: Week One

No fudge for me :-(

Wondering what on this earth Frugal February is? Don’t fret, it’s all explained here.

So far, this February has remained frugal. I’m quite proud of myself, mostly because this week involved an afternoon trip spent in the shops of Wonderful Brighton. And I didn’t buy anything! Not a bag of fudge from The Lanes, not a vintage milk bottle (been after one of those for ages) from the cavernous Snooper’s Paradise and not a Rob Ryan mug.

Actually, if it wasn’t for Frugal Feb, goodness knows what useless tat I would’ve picked up in Brighton. I try to think that every cute poster or packet of artisan fudge I deny myself is another dollar in the pot for my trip to NYC this summer.

Not to sound like a total alcoholic, but I’m also finding that using holiday cocktails as currency is more effective than boring old pounds and pence. For example, a Sunday newspaper or pot of Barry M nail polish is about half a cocktail. A dress in the sale that I don’t really need? 3-4 cocktails. Season 3 of ER on DVD? Well that’s my bar tab for the evening covered. Unorthodox yes, but it’s a technique that has worked out so far.

That said, there have been a few things that I’ve had to buy that don’t strictly fall under the label of Essential (as in, I could just about survive without them):

  • Scrivener (£25ish). I’m writing a book at the minute and this web app is about as indispensable as my laptop. It’s a tool of immense beauty and I love love love it.
  • Spotify Premium (£10). If I’m awake then there’s an 85% chance I’m using Spotify. For ten English pounds, I get to avoid having my playlists interrupted by poorly-targeted adverts. The Spotify subscription stays.
  • Hairdresser appointment (Undisclosed amount). Sorry, did you say something? I was too busy sniffing my delicious hair. Money well spent.
  • Replacement Kettle (£15). Boiling water for tea on the stove seems quaint for a while (“It’s just like in the olden days!”) but soon becomes tiresome.

Are you taking part in Frugal Feb? How are you finding it so far?

Flickr image from biscuitsmlp’s photostream


Something Of A Domestic

The fantastically-named Something Of A Domestic shopping event took place lastnight in the gorgeous Something… near Russell Square.

Because I like lists (and I’m too hungover to paragraph), here are my highlights of the evening in no particular order:

1. People turned up! Seeing Something… packed at 6.30 with people that know about and like Domestic Sluttery felt awesome.

2. This rather quaint book that I bought called ‘Men, Women & Wedlock’, a collection of tips for the forward-thinking Edwardian couple first published in 1910. I was sold by #47: “Don’t make love to a girl in a hammock; you may both fall out”. Excellent advice.

3. I survived in my quite frankly ridiculous heels and not very heatwave-friendly dress. The fact that I stood barefoot on the pavement for 20 minutes (sweet relief!) does not negate this achievement.

4. Meeting Twitter people (including the Domestic Sluts) in the flesh and discovering that they are just as lovely, fun and interesting as I had imagined them to be. I may be harbouring a number of lady crushes.

5. I’m secretly a little bit proud that me, Sarah and Selina drained the bar of mojitos and I could still walk home in said ridiculous heels. Here’s the evidence:

empty mojito glasses

6. Even though I was incredibly nervous before the event (my hands were trembling so much I couldn’t apply my Girls Aloud false lashes), I left feeling very pleased and smiley. Which is the point, isn’t it?

Unfortunately I only took one pic (it was too hot for me to concentrate on using a digital camera) so if you have any then please let me know!